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A man of many names, talents, and a passion to inspire others.

Papii's Blessed Don't Sleep

Coach Gregg

stage name: PapiiBDS

born: East Orange, New Jersey

reside: Richmond, Virginia

18+ Consecutive Years of Experience

Style: Subjective Dancing


a Choreographer and Creative Director with over 18 consecutive years of teaching experience and a self-trained subjective dancer with a style favoring waving, popping, isolating, house dancing, tutting, animating, grooving, various street dance elements, and commercial Hip-Hop. This is the result of his love for funk music and his upbringings in Essex County, New Jersey during the early 2000’s. This is when Jersey Club music originated and where Jersey Club dance moves (like today’s popular trends) continue to stem from. His choreography focuses heavily on a balance of musicality and storytelling and incorporates elements of various dance styles with a clear tone of respect to raw Hip-Hop.



In middle school, he attended Whitney E. Houston Academy, a performing arts school in East Orange, New Jersey, where he studied as a visual artist, actor, and stagehand for the dance department. In 2002 he started his career as a DJ and music editor.


In high school, he was voted captain of Columbia Sr. High School's boys only dance team, as well as, launched the BDS dance group, which performed as a touring dance group at events across New Jersey and Pennsylvania from 2004 to 2008.


In college, he joined P.A.N.I.C. 2000 (People Against Negativity Inspiring Creativity), the premiere performing arts student organization at Virginia State University in 2007. As a member, then mentor, and eventual Vice-President of the organization, he enhanced his skills of script writing, acting, creative directing, teaching/communicating the same message to different people in different ways, learning choreography from dancers of different styles, and being able to repeatedly create original and entertaining choreography in short time frames.


By 2011, he began working with and choreographing for Tyra B. and other independent recording artists (including for stage productions, music videos, and commercials) and a countless number of dance studios (including recitals, community events, and competition teams). He has a record of winning awards nationally for dance teams that take his choreography to competition and he enjoys adapting to showcase his dancer’s strengths and/or provide what style of dance a contract calls for.


He's on a mission to keep using dance to build confidence, inspire others, create outstanding entertainment, and teach life lessons.

Coach Gregg is experienced with dancers of all ages, beginner through professional, and creates a safe space for the dancer in you! "Class time is practice time."

Now, in 2023, he is proud owner of the Subjective Dance Company, building SDCVA: Subjective Dance Club Virginia non-profit organization, and teaches weekly dance classes for established dance studios in the Greater Richmond Region of Virginia and other locations when contracted... *hint* *hint*.


Enroll  in any of the following dance programs this school year

to dance with Coach Gregg:

Subjective Dance Club . Richmond, Va. 23223

Regency Dance Academy . Richmond, Va. 23229

Spotlight Studio of Dance . Midlothian, Va. 23112

Aspire Dance Academy . Manakin-Sabot, VA 23103

Precision Step Inc. at Lucille Brown MS . Richmond, Va 23225

Last Update: October 6, 2023



Richmond, Va. 23223





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